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February Picks

river sing me home.jpg

River Sing Me Home | Eleanor Shearer

leave you with this.jpg

I'll Leave You With This | Kylie Ladd

Family relationships, organ donation, celebration of differences, surrogacy all come to the fore with four sisters who are mourning their brother's death. All are at different stages of their lives, each with complicated histories but as they decide to research who has received their brother's organs, they discover what is really important to them. I found this novel extremely inspiring and I am so glad I read it.

- Robin

amazing grace adams.jpg

Amazing Grace Adams | Fran Littlewood

weyward book.jpg

Weyward | Emilia Hart

weasels in the attic.jpg

Weasels in the Attic | Hiroko Oyamada

This is a tiny little book - only 70 pages long - and you'll find it is just the thing to get yourself out of a reading slump. In three interconnected scenes, the book interrogates fertility, masculinity and marriage. Brimming with tension, mystery and the quirky twistedness that is characteristic of a Japanese novel, I found this novella utterly compelling. 

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