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Teaching Notes

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LoveOzYA is, at its heart, a way to focus the discussions around young adult (YA) fiction in Australia and by doing so, promote local content to local readers.

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 Online teaching notes and resources for books published by WA writers and artists. 


Online teaching notes and resources for books published by Penguin Australia.  

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How do you encourage children to enjoy reading? Here, Michael Rosen tells us how to promote reading for pleasure and why it's so valuable.

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Everything you need to know about using Literature Circles in the classroom. 

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Reading and Comprehension resources, strategies, lesson plans, teacher guides, videos and more.


Some brilliant Reciprocal Reading Group Cards to use as prompts during Guided Reading lessons.


Online teaching notes and resources for books published by Scholastic.

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 Online teaching notes and resources for books published by Allen & Unwin

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Children's Laureate Michael Rosen tells The Daily Politics that teaching phonics is no substitute for teaching a love of reading.

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A series of twelve beautifully animated Dreamtime stories with study guidelines.

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Everything you need to know to help young and struggling readers succeed.


Find Australian online resources including: books, images, historic newspapers, maps, music and more.



Reading Australia provides teaching resources for Australia’s greatest literature and it’s all mapped to the Australian Curriculum.

Reading Australia

Global Words

Produced by World Vision Australia and the Primary English Teaching Association Australia to integrate the teaching and learning of English and Geography with global citizenship education.

Better Reading Diversity Podcast

Conversations with guests sharing their thoughts on the importance of Diversity in Children’s Books.

The Australian Verse Novels Resource offers an insight into verse novels for children and young adults. As well as an extensive listing of verse novel titles: each title’s entry provides an annotation, themes, relevant awards, curriculum links and listings of additional resources.  

Verse Novels

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Resources

Freely available database of over 300 children's books by and about Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Note: this site may take a while to load but it is well worth it.

Fremantle Press


Penguin Random House

Allen and Unwin

Michael Rosen on Phonics

Reading For Pleasure

Literature Circles

Dust Echoes

Into the Book

Reading Rockets

Reciprocal Reading Group Cards


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