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Are you a Bookworm? Do you just love reading and talking books?
Then this site is for you!


We have an online book club for you to join, we’ve found some great websites, podcasts and videos for you to check out, we’ll post writing competitions that we find out about and we’ll even publish your reviews.

Yes, that’s right, become one of our Readerators!

If you would like to become a Readerator, that is someone who reads ‘n’ rates books for us, then write us a review! We’re looking for a book you’ve read recently, one you think everyone absolutely has to read! Just a couple of sentences, around 50 words, would be great! 

If we select you as a Readerator, you’ll get to review new books before they’re released! How cool is that?

For some ideas on what to write, read the Book Review Guide 

as well as some of the reviews we’ve already posted.